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Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

Hollywood Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich and his co-hosts nail down the skinny about everything health, diet, and fitness. Get fit. Get inspired. Get entertained.
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Oct 23, 2014

Ebola...just the mention of it makes people panic.  What’s true and what is media hype?  How does it spread?  Is there a drug or vaccine to cure it?  Vinnie discusses Ebola with Dr. Steve, host of “Weird Medicine” which airs on SIrius Radio at 10 pm EST as well as his podcast...and these are totally different shows.  They also discuss health, well-being, diet and, of course, Vinnie somehow brings the show around to Dr. Steve’s personal sex life.  

How Our Eating Habits Have Evolved

  • In the 60’s, 45% of our calories came from good fats and oils
  • At that time, 13% of all adults were obese
  • Under 1% had Type ll Diabetes
  • The government stepped in and said we should get less calories from fat and more from grains...
  • Now 33% of our calories come from fat and oil, 35% of adults are obese and 11% of population has Diabetes, most of it Type II

Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • Not a medical term but symptoms include bloating, cramps, gas, acid reflux and a foggy feeling - there is anecdotal evidence that NSNG is helpful
  • When Dr. Steve got off of grains he got rid of symptoms
  • Fluid leakage probably due to inflammation

The Ebola Virus

  • Reminiscent of the panic in the 80’s over AIDS
  • It is a poorly transmitted disease, if not, it would already be all over the world
  • Only 9,000 people in Africa have contracted it and 4,000 are dead.  Statistically, these are not high numbers
  • Ebola is a disease that sets up intense inflammation which causes the bleeding

What’s Next?

  • Looking for a vaccine
  • Not a cure, but an effective serum which will help our body fight the virus
  • Government needs to get needs to and should have gotten involved a long time ago
  • We thought Ebola would never spread because it killed it’s victims so quickly, but we were wrong
Oct 21, 2014

Anna on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week.

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Another Laugh and Learn with Vinnie and Anna.  Tune in and join them as they answer listener questions.  They cover everything from diet and PTSD to Vinnie’s new multi-vitamin/mineral - Pure Vitamin Club.

Listener Question - Does NSNG and Paleo Diets help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) especially in our war vets?

  • Vinnie has asked around about this and there really is almost no information
  • Most people feel better when they are NSNG 
  • Anecdotally, it seems to help with hormonal balance
  • Vinnie is going to do further research and report back

Do Supplements Help with NSNG?

  • Looking into most supplements, there are usually 25-50 added ingredients beside the vitamins listed
  • Some are helpful, some are harmful
  • An example of a harmful “other ingredient”...Titanium Dioxide, used in many vitamin brands, is very harmful

Listener Questions - What About Carbs While You Are Doing An Ultra Event?

  • This is sometimes called “Eat to Perform” and it encourages carb intake before and after workout.
  • There is a place for carbs, but you must be fat-adapted meaning you don’t have to be in full ketosis, but you must be already using stored fat as fuel.
  • Ketosis is the most extreme form of fat-adapted
  • The bottom line it is different for different people
  • You need to get off the carb/sugar train

Anna's voice telling you to watch TGIT on ABC:



Oct 16, 2014

Today’s One-on-One interview is with Andrea Kooiman.  Andrea is an ultra athlete.  She is also a wife, mother, coach, ultra runner and outdoor enthusiast.  This is her second time joining Vinnie on “America’s Angriest Trainer” podcast.  Andrea just recently finished the Badwater 135 which is considered the most demanding and extreme running race on the planet.  Vinnie and Andrea talk about her experience doing Badwater including what she ate and what worked for her.

Badwater 2014

  • A grueling race based on temperature and elevation
  • Started NSNG only 2 months before race
  • Vinnie was concerned about her doing Badwater
  • Could she stay NSNG for the whole race?

How Did Race Go?

  • Crew was supposed to write down everything she consumed, including medication, but they didn’t
  • Her husband was her crew chief who is also in charge of making the decision to DNF
  • Could not follow NSNG for the race
  • Had diarrhea and vomiting...every 2 miles had to stop
  • Occurred around 50 mile mark (9-11 hours)

Andrea Wanted to Lose Weight Before Race

  • Her husband felt she needed to eat carbs
  • But Andrea went cold turkey and did NSNG...first 2 weeks were difficult
  • Didn’t count calories and was never hungry
  • She lost the weight

After Badwater

  • After race she was celebrating...ate whatever she wanted --- Burgers, buns, fries, alcohol, sweets
  • She felt awful - bloated, sweaty and was starving even though she had just eaten
  • Why?  After all the preparation and training came the question “What’s next?”
  • So she felt she would “celebrate” before she answering such a big question
Oct 14, 2014

London Porter, host of the popular podcast “Mental Sixpack Athlete” joins Vinnie and Anna on today’s show.  They are all over the place (what a surprise) discussing Health Food/Junk Food, what is a Mental Sixpack Athlete, steroids and athletes, new sponsors and even fireworks.  For your listening pleasure...

New Sponsor

  • Harry’s Shave Club
  • Vinnie tried their products and didn’t want to like them
  • Blades were amazing
  • Cream comes in a swipe and face is soft and clean
  • Women can shave their legs with it

London Porter’s podcast “Mental Sixpack Athlete

  • Talks to trainers
  • Discusses the mental aspect of fitness and wellness
  • Strategizing results so that outcomes are not mere luck
  • Luck is how results happen as time goes by
  • His book, “How to Rockstar Your Job Interview
  • Micro-public speaking do-overs
  • Being clear, concise and articulate
  • London's Twitter

Drug Use and Athletes

  • Lance Armstrong is strategic about his racing and even his pharmaceuticals
  • Each Tour de France is about 2200 miles in total
  • His luck was in all 7 Tour de France races he never had a flat tire

Scandals in Major League Sports

  • Trying to pull drugs out of the NFL
  • Players need steroids to be the size the are and to run as fast
  • Also dealing with pain  medication addition
Oct 9, 2014

Today’s guest, Dean Karnazes, is an internationally recognized endurance athlete and  NY Times bestselling author of “Ultramarathon Man”, “50/50” and “RUN!”   Among his many accomplishments, he has run 350 continuous miles, foregoing sleep for three nights. He's run across Death Valley in 120 degree temperatures, and he's run a marathon to the South Pole in negative 40 degrees.  Vinnie discusses with Dean discuss the life-changing decision he made on his 30th birthday, his life as an endurance athlete and the challenges he has faced.  

How Dean Began to Run Again

  • Dean was married and worked in the corporate world.  He hated what he was doing
  • Felt he had to support his family but realized he had to change
  • On his 30th birthday he got drunk and at 11:00 pm decided to run 30 miles.  He hadn’t run in a decade
  • Running brought him freedom and passion
  • His story encourages people to live life the way they want to

Dean’s Diet

  • No refined or processed food
  • Nothing that comes out of a bag
  • His hero and mentor, Jack LaLanne, said, “If man made it, don’t eat it and if it tastes good, spit it out”


  • Elliptical a high intensity, low impact workout
  • Fantastic device...emulates the motion of running without impact
  • Have advantage on climbs
  • You are standing upright

 Tragedy and Grief

  • Dean’s sister was killed in a car accident on the eve of her 18th birthday
  • They were very close and Dean went through the stages of grief starting with denial
  • It took him a decade to get over it
  • Altered the course of his life

How Does Dean Handle Critics

  • At first he was shocked and took it personally
  • Never tried to come off as the best
  • Most of his worst critics have never even met him
  • Matthew McConaughey told him, “Haters are gonna hate.  So move on, get over it”


Books:  “Ultramarathon Man


              “RUN! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss

              “Fitness Confidential



Oct 7, 2014

Vinnie and Anna get to talk about everything under the sun.  Get to hear Vinnie go off-topic and Anna pull him back.  And while you are laughing, you will learn about exercise, diet, how sugar infiltrated our lives and tons more.  Go ahead...have fun and learn.

Good Samaritan Heart Symposium

  • Vinnie was invited back to speak...talked about exercise and how it essential
  • Gave history of how we got fat in this country
  • Heart disease is not caused by cholesterol...caused by plaque buildup
  • One thing all the speakers agreed on...if you are overweight, you are at risk for heart disease

Exercise, Diet and History

  • Exercise - it’s imperative, we need it to live
  • We are not meant to be sedentary
  • Ancel Keys, an American scientist, did a study in the 60’s that said we should eat more grains and less fat
  • By 1972, hurricanes had destroyed cane crops in the south and sugar prices shot up
  • The U.S. started importing high fructose corn syrup from Japan as a cheaper alternative

American Weight Problems

  • By the 1980’s, we began to see rise in obesity
  • We were told a good diet had little to no fat, but our foods had more and more sugar
  • This was considered “heart healthy”
  • Sugar was  used to make low-fat/low-calorie food more palatable
  • We’ve become addicted to our sugars and seen a rise in childhood obesity
  • We consume approximately 200 pounds of sugar, per person, per year

Vinnie Will be a Guest on the Carol Alt Show

  • Ex-super model, Carol Alt, has a show on Fox
  • Vinnie flying into NY on October 14th to tape show
  • Listen in to hear air date


Book: “Extra Virginity” about olive oil           

Extra Virgin” by Debbie Mazar

Oct 2, 2014

This is exciting! Join Vinnie, Dean Lorey (who co-wrote “Fitness Confidential” with Vinnie) and Andy Schreiber as they introduce Pure Vitamin Club Daily Multicaps which contain no added ingredients, fillers, artificial colors or sweeteners. Created by's pure, affordable and comes to your door.  This multivitamin/multimineral will change your life!  Visit us at  


  • Vinnie doesn’t normally like supplements...they mostly work only in lab or theory
  • When these vitamins and minerals are eaten as food, the body uses it properly
  • There are 13 essential vitamins that are essential to life and the proper functioning of our bodies...the body does not make them...they need a food source
  • There are 11 key minerals

How Pure Vitamin Club Daily Multicaps Evolved

  • Vinnie came up with the formula and brought Andy on board to oversee the process.
  • Wanted the vitamins to contain absolutely no excipients (flow agents), fillers (used to fill space in pill) or binders (hold pill together and there is less absorption)
  • Fillers include rice flour, silica, sugars, maltodextrin and titanium dioxide
  • Fillers and additives could add 50 or 60 ingredients on top of the vitamin itself

Pure Vitamin Club Multicaps

  • We have ZERO fillers
  • Look at the label on other vitamins and you will see 4-60 other ingredients besides the vitamin/mineral content
  • Ours have only “vegetable capsule” as other ingredient
  • Vegan approved

We Did It!

  • Every company we talked to said they couldn’t deliver what we were asking for
  • They told us it was impossible to make a vitamin without excipients or flow agents
  • And we deliver them to your door 
  • Visit our shiny new website,!!!

Pure Vitamin Club