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Oct 16, 2014

Today’s One-on-One interview is with Andrea Kooiman.  Andrea is an ultra athlete.  She is also a wife, mother, coach, ultra runner and outdoor enthusiast.  This is her second time joining Vinnie on “America’s Angriest Trainer” podcast.  Andrea just recently finished the Badwater 135 which is considered the most demanding and extreme running race on the planet.  Vinnie and Andrea talk about her experience doing Badwater including what she ate and what worked for her.

Badwater 2014

  • A grueling race based on temperature and elevation
  • Started NSNG only 2 months before race
  • Vinnie was concerned about her doing Badwater
  • Could she stay NSNG for the whole race?

How Did Race Go?

  • Crew was supposed to write down everything she consumed, including medication, but they didn’t
  • Her husband was her crew chief who is also in charge of making the decision to DNF
  • Could not follow NSNG for the race
  • Had diarrhea and vomiting...every 2 miles had to stop
  • Occurred around 50 mile mark (9-11 hours)

Andrea Wanted to Lose Weight Before Race

  • Her husband felt she needed to eat carbs
  • But Andrea went cold turkey and did NSNG...first 2 weeks were difficult
  • Didn’t count calories and was never hungry
  • She lost the weight

After Badwater

  • After race she was celebrating...ate whatever she wanted --- Burgers, buns, fries, alcohol, sweets
  • She felt awful - bloated, sweaty and was starving even though she had just eaten
  • Why?  After all the preparation and training came the question “What’s next?”
  • So she felt she would “celebrate” before she answering such a big question