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Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

Hollywood Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich and his co-hosts nail down the skinny about everything health, diet, and fitness. Get fit. Get inspired. Get entertained.
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Sep 30, 2014

Today’s guest is Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard trained MD with over 20 years experience and author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Hormone Cure”.  Dr. Sara, Vinnie and Anna discuss the enormous effect that hormones have on our well-being, our weight and our health.  Somehow, Vinnie gets to talking about Farrah Fawcett’s famous poster and its affect on him. So tune in and find out...

Anna’s Lab Results

  • Shows signs of adrenal fatigue
  • Too much stress...needs to hit pause button
  • Meditation helps raise serotonin and reduces inflammation which reduces pain, foggy brains and helps you to lose weight
  • Pregnenolone  - the hormone precursor - responsible for memory and calm mind, among many other things


  • Body’s most important hormone
  • People who are “jacked-up” on stress make too much cortisol which produces high blood pressure and blood sugar
  • You start to run low after a while


  • Being in ketosis strains the “Charlie’s Angels” (hence the Farrah Fawcett discussion) of hormones:  cortisol, adrenals and thyroid
  • Need to be aware of your carb threshold...some people don’t do well in ketosis and need a certain amount of carbs
  • Adrenals and thyroid need about 100 gms of carbs a day...symptoms of deficiency include hair falling out, low thyroid and insulin resistance

Endocrine Disrupters

  • Environmental causes of hormonal problems
  • Need to reduce burden by avoiding plastics, receipts that are coated with plastic and canned food which is lined with BPA
  • Probiotics help
  • Fiber, 35-40 grams a day helps rid your body of Endocrine Disrupters


The Hormone Cure” by Dr. Sara Gottfried

Sep 25, 2014

Today’s guest is Bryan Bishop, aka “Bald Bryan” who is best know for being part of the Adam Carrolla Radio Show.  They now host one of the most-listened to Podcasts on the internet.  At age 29. Bryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went on to write the New York Times best-seller book, “Shrinkage”.  Vinnie and Bryan discuss the “cancer journey”, writing a book and getting published.

Meeting His Wife Christine

  • Bryan and Christine met at a rehearsal dinner in Scottsdale, Arizona...only to discover that they had already met and had spent time together
  • They were already engaged when Bryan got the diagnosis of Brainstem Glioma, a malignant tumor in his brainstem
  • Was given 6 months to a year to live
  • They never even considered canceling the wedding

Getting the Diagnosis

  • They found out two months before the wedding
  • There was a big disparity between doctors...the good and the not-so-good
  • Have to remember that doctors are not God and it’s okay to get a second opinion
  • You have to be your own advocate when dealing with doctors and hospitals


  • Bryan didn’t get the expected side effects from chemo...radiation was worse
  • At one point Bryan was using a walker and a wheelchair just to get from the sofa to the bathroom
  • Christine was his 24/7 caretaker
  • At this point they had both lost their jobs and had no money

Parallel Between Vinnie’s and Bryan’s Cancer Experience

  • Vinnie is a celebrity trainer and was diagnosed in 2007 with Leukemia
  • Getting chemo was the first break he had ever taken...he was used to getting up at 4:30 in the morning
  • Actually got the chance to watch “The Godfather” Part I and II, back-to-back
  • Came back to work in the middle of the writer’s strike, which affected his clients and his business, and then had to deal with a bad economy



Sep 23, 2014

Listen in on another great podcast with Anna and Vinnie.  Meet Andy Schreiber, the new head of of Vinnie’s “Pure Vitamin Club”.  They discuss how they met many challenges and managed to get the best vitamin/mineral formula possible, deliver it right to your door and keep the price affordable.  Get Vinnie’s take on hydration and how much water do we really need.  And listen to an amazing letter from one of our listeners talking about her experience with living the NSNG Lifestyle and how it changed her life.


  • People do not have to be told when to hydrate
  • Drink when your body tells you to...when you are thirsty
  • Drink more when you are exercising
  • It’s amazing how much water we drink and so many people are still fat

Andy Schreiber and Vinnie’s “Pure Vitamin Club”

  • Andy Schreiber is now running the Pure Vitamin Club
  • Andy wanted the vitamins to be the absolutely best formula without additives and fillers
  • The biggest challenge was to find the right manufacturer
  • Vinnie insisted that his vitamins have no fillers and was told over and over that it couldn’t be done

Do People Really Care About Filler

  • Most people don’t read the label
  • Other filler ingredients include silica, titanium dioxide and maltodextrin
  • Titanium Dioxide is used in paint and is a mineral whitener

Letter from Australian Listener

  • Nadia has been NSNG since February 2012 and is an ultra athlete
  • Training for 3 marathons in 3 days when her father died in England
  • Had to withdraw from all 3 marathons 
  • Wasn’t sure she was still fat adapted from NSNG until today when she ran 32k without any fuel

Fathead Pizza Crust Recipe

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

Sep 18, 2014

Isabel Foxen-Duke is a Brooklyn-based Life Coach who teaches a master class called “Stop Fighting Food” that focuses on food and our mindset around food.  She discusses the physical and emotional reasons that diets and calorie restriction actually encourages binge eating.  Join Anna and Isabel and learn about a new attitude toward dieting and food.

We Live in a Diet Culture

  • Look at diet from the evidence-based standpoint that “the degree to which we have restriction in our lives is the degree to which we tend to lean on food for emotional comfort”
  • Emotional eating is impulsive and a craving that is out of our control 
  • We are taught to use willpower to actively fight our body’s needs

Why People Fail at Diets

  • Dieting is deciding what your body needs by some external plan rather than our individual needs
  • In “calorie deprivation”, the need for food now - our biology - will win in the attempt of getting our blood sugar back up
  • There are two parts:  The physical aspect and the emotional aspect

Emotional Aspect

  • There is guilt, shame and moral judgement for making “bad” food choices
  • This is a precursor to spiraling binge-eating...we’re either off the wagon or on the wagon
  • Need to get to a place of peace around food...taking our power back from food
  • We give food so much power - as if eating a cupcake makes us a “disgusting fatty”

“Stop Fighting Fat” Course

  • Learn new coping mechanisms
  • If I do eat emotionally, how do I do I keep from binging
  • Develop an ease and sanity around food
  • Learn to finally drop the fight and make food about instinct and biology

Stop Fighting Food teaches women how to “stop feeling crazy around food.” That means, get off the diet-binge cycle, stop feeling “out of control around food,” and finally have a life that doesn’t revolve around trying to lose the last 10 (or 50) lbs. This program addresses the thinking that underlies compulsive eating and obsession with food, rather than giving specific behavioral instructions or nutrition information. The Free Video Training Series (an introduction to the work) covers topics like: 

-Why trying to control yourself around food always backfires

-The two primary reasons people eat outside of physical need (The difference between Emotional Eating & Binge-Eating)

-Why having a “normal” relationship with food requires liking your body first

The Master Class goes into extensive depth on topics like “intuitive eating,” “emotional/binge eating,” “body positivity” and will leave women with all of the mental tools they need to take their power back from food.

Stop Fighting Food (affiliate link) and Stop Fighting Food (non-affiliate link).  We offer you guys both links so you can choose what you'd like to use.  


Sep 16, 2014

It’s our 300th episode!  We are celebrating “Success Stories with NSNG.”  Join the party as we read letters from and talk to listeners who have had life-changing success living the NSNG lifestyle...everything from weight loss, to better sleep, more energy, relief from headaches, high blood pressure and digestive problems.  Thank you to all our listeners and Superfans who make this whole podcast possible!

Steve Dellerose

  • Steve is 24 years old and weighed 635 pounds.  His doctors told him to have gastric bypass or die
  • With bypass he lost 135 pounds and weighed 500 pounds but stalled at that weight for 14 years
  • Found Vinnie through Bobby Kelly...Started NSNG on April 1 at 446 pounds and in  four months was down to 380 pounds
  • Exercised 3-5 times a week, loves it, and feels great

Mary Sailors McInnis

  • Has been on NSNG for one year, 5 months and 20 days and has lost 85 pounds
  • She hasn’t slipped because it isn’t a diet
  • She uses “Vinnie-isms” everyday
  • She has no more sugar headaches

Kate Thompson

  • Hasn’t lost weight but has developed a healthy relationship with food
  • She no longer gets migraines
  • With “ calories in/calories out”, she was just starving herself

Whitney Chapman

  • At 46, he had to take medicine for high blood pressure
  • He started the NSNG Lifestyle February 2014 at 307 pounds
  • In 5 months he was down to 262 pounds
  • He cut his blood pressure medicine in half and now runs 2 miles and swims l/2 mile everyday

Carrie Standish

  • Carrie is 5’2” and has weighed over 200 pounds since she was 20 and reached 250 pounds before her second baby
  • She was suffering from obesity, depression and Fibromyalgia and taking medication for her conditions.  She had chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog
  • Taken her a year to lose 50 pounds on NSNG.  Don’t get frustrated...not a’s a lifestyle
  • After NSNG, routinely swinging a 20 pound kettle bell and ran a 5K
  • Can go six weeks without any Fibromyalgia flare up

Get started with NSNG Book Club Books.

Sep 11, 2014

Tony Portera was already an ultra athlete when he called Vinnie for advice, but he always felt too heavy and wanted to lose weight to be a more efficient runner. Listen in as they discuss Tony’s journey with NSNG ...

Badwater 135 and NSNG

  • Tony started NSNG 5 months before Badwater
  • Wanted to not only lose weight but see if he could do this race running on high fat
  • This year Badwater, a 135 mile race, started with a 22-24 mile uphill run and Tony used no sugar during climb
  • Fueling on almost no carbs and did far better than he did before and ran the entire race almost entirely on NSNG

Weight loss and NSNG

  • Tony is 5’9” and weighed 209 pounds before NSNG
  • On his own, he lost weight and went down to 180 pounds but then he hit a weight loss plateau
  • His diet at the time was lots of sugar, pizza, pasta and increased his exercise
  • That’s when he found Vinnie...and by February 2014, he went pure NSNG and today he weighs 141 pounds

What NSNG Means To Tony

  • No sugar and no grains
  • He was miserable for the first 2-3 weeks
  • After that he slept better, had no cravings and ran better
  • During a race, he fuels on olives, cheese, Pocket Fuel and salami
  • So fat adapted that during a 5-hour run he only needs water, some olives and some salami
Sep 9, 2014

Today's show features two amazing guests...Stacey Hughes, a listener from Montana, and Nikki Kimball, a return guest, who was a ski racer by the age of 3!  Join Vinnie and Anna as they discuss nutrition, depression, women's sports and in their typical fashion, go off topic and talk about guns and music.  Zone 2 breathing techniques are also discussed.

Learn and laugh...

Stacey Hughes 

  • Fan from Montana who listens while on her tractor at Hughes Mountain Ranch
  • Was on the TV show, “Last American Cowboy” on Animal Planet
  • Became a dietician in 2002 and worked with cardiac patients, diabetics and the obese
  • Saw a shift from “ Carbohydrate Consistency” to the role fats play in our health

Nikki Kimball

  • An incredible athlete...won the Western States 100 three times
  • Talks about her journey with depression which she was diagnosed with after college
  • Was sleeping 18 hours a day and losing weight
  • Found the right doctor and the right medication

Living With Depression

  • Nikki shares that it is a lifetime challenge
  • She stays in touch with her doctor so he can help her with medication
  • Depression doesn’t “go away”
  • Anna suggests a challenge to take 5 minutes everyday to sit down and quiet your mind, #AStillMind

Nikki’s Movie

  • Finding Traction”...premieres February 10, 2015 on PBS
  • Film is about an expedition run Nikki did from Canada to Massachusetts through the Long Trail in Vermont
  • Film not just about professional also covers women athletes and depression

First Rate Madness

Sep 4, 2014

Vinnie and Anna discuss many listener questions from the forums surrounding how to apply NSNG to real life:

  • How to run an NSNG household
  • What to do when you are the only one who's NSNG
  • Why support is important when changing to an NSNG way of eating
  • When your family and friends come around to NSNG, and how not to alienate them in the process
  • How Vinnie advises kids and teens about NSNG
  • The best brands of Gluten Free Bread (Anna loves Udi's in case you were wondering)

Book to read or listen to on Audible:

Shrinkage by Bryan Bishop

Sep 2, 2014

Michael O’Neal started his podcast, “The Solopreneur Hour, Job Security for the Unemployable” in August 2013.  Join Michael, his girlfriend, Jessica, Vinnie and Anna as they discuss the NSNG Lifestyle, “Calories-In/Calories Out” and why it doesn’t work, women’s body image and a plethora of other controversial issues.

Women and Body Image

  • Women are rarely happy with their bodies and have a distorted body image
  • How do women avoid building big thighs?
  • You can’t “spot lose” weight
  • You can’t make fat go away with exercise, but you can build muscle

Calorie-In/Calorie Out

  • Does not is a myth
  • Very few can keep weight off this way
  • You cannot starve yourself forever...dieting does not work
  • NSNG is a lifestyle, not a diet

Processed Foods Have Changed Our Diets

  • At one time, not long ago, obesity was a rarity
  • Sugar, sweets and dessert were an occasional treat
  • Meat, vegetables, dairy and fruit were the way we ate

So How Do We Lose Weight

  • Jessica gives Vinnie and snapshot of her daily healthy eating (and it's pretty darn good!)
  • Look at your diet carefully
  • You have to change your eating habits
  • Eliminate sugars and grains
  • And put “life into living”... you can cheat once in a while



The Wahl's Protocol" - Terry Wahl

"The Four Hour Body" - Tim Ferriss

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast - Michael O’Neal