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Aug 19, 2019

: Episode 1389 - Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino talk the upcoming cookbook, Eat Happy, Too, Joe Bonadonna, Zone 2 basics, and more on this Monday edition of the podcast.



  • Go watch it now!
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  • Please also share it with family and friends!
  • Available for both rental and purchase
  • Here is the link to the iTunes page
  • If you don't have iTunes, find it at Vimeo here!
  • You can also buy hardcopy or watch online at Amazon
  • So far, this doc is the #1 documentary of ALL TIME on iTunes thanks to all of you!
  • Vinnie had to put total faith in Peter Pardini for this project, and he is sure glad he did


  • It's on the printing press!
  • Anna just sent to the editor bonus recipes
    • If you pre-order, that's how you access these
  • Also an amazing video ad


  • This zone is the most important to lose wieght and get in the most heart healthy shape of your life
  • Zone 1 is pushing a lawnmower, raking some leaves
    • Up to 60% of your aerobic capacity
  • Zone 2 is 70-79% of your aerobic capacity
    • Some people can do this with a brisk walk, others can jog, and some can run quite quickly and staying in this Zone
    • Moderate workout on an eliptical, cruiser speed with a jump rope, easy run breathing through your nose
    • Shouldn't be panting and puffing
  • Take the number 180, subtract your age, give or take a few depending on your fitness
    • This is right around the BPM you should shoot for 
      • Lay on the low side
      • So Anna's is 139
    • Anna walks every day for at least an hour, does kettlebell, body weight stuff, and more