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Jun 20, 2018

: Episode 1085 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk Facebook ads, Paleo Bakehouse BS, undercover sugar, before and afters, and more.



  • Andy saw a FB ad for the Paleo Bakehouse 
  • He checked out their website
  • Everything is apparently paleo
  • He found ingredients list on their donuts
    • Their third ingredient was crap, and it only got worse from there
  • "Sugar free" does not mean healthy
  • Evaporated cane juice which is really just sugar
    • By definition, this is REFINED SUGAR
  • Sugar has about 50 names that don't have the word sugar in there
  • Check out Vinnie's pdf for a list of all of these undercover sugars
  • Essentially, the government allows these companies to lie
  • Paleo does NOT mean healthy
  • Even more devious, they're using natural chocolate liqueur which again is going to be sugar
  • They also use honey
  • Basically, sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar without using the word sugar