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Dec 22, 2018

: Episode 1217 - Listener Sarah Hammer joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two discuss her transition from being a ballerina, a professional athlete, to a normal person, the weight gain that accompanied that, and her weight loss journey.



  • Sarah was a professional ballet dancer for 6 years
  • Spent her whole childhood trying to fit a certain look to get a job 
  • Yo-yoed a lot
  • Did a ton of calorie restriction
    • Would go down to 700 calories a day as a 17 year old
  • Was about 5'6.5 and 115
  • Suffered from a lot of injuries and retired at 25
  • After she retired, she went back to school
    • Had no transitional support
  • It's tough to go from professional athlete to nothing
    • Losing part of your identity
  • She gained around 70 lbs over 6 years after her retirement
  • Sarah has had a lot of NSNG® success
  • Lost a great amount of weight, looks and feels much better
  • Her fiancé is on board, too, which has been a great help