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Jul 9, 2018

: Episode 1099 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two discuss the 90s and Vinnie's time at Playboy, weightlifting, heart rate apps, and more.


THE 90s

  • Vinnie had some very weird experiences at Playboy and training others in the 80s and 90s
  • He felt many a woman's boob job upon command
  • He never went after these ladies or anything like that, but it was already a concern in HR
  • Women asked him to rub their boob jobs because they needed to for blood movement reasons
  • Vinnie has always tried to keep business business, even when women did try to make moves using things like their boob jobs or sciatica 


  • For women:
    • Many women worry about their thighs becoming too big from working out 
    • You might gain some muscle, but your legs will tighten up
    • Lifting weights with legs is great for you
    • It'll make your legs look good and younger, too
    • Best way to lose fat is Zone 2 aerobic activity 
    • Vinnie has trained many size 2 women who are "skinny fat"
      • It's often healthier to be a size 4 with muscle, you are still skinny but there is toning and lean muscle
  • For all who are trying to make their arms larger: 
    • There's a number of ways to effectively lift weights
    • Go to Vinnie's youtube to see the demonstrations Vinnie is doing 
    • There's a lot of bro-science misinformation out there -- make sure you're doing things right 
  • You can and likely will hurt yourself if you lift too heavy too fast or are using incorrect technique 


  • Vinnie has no app to recommend
  • If you have a heart rate monitor, great
  • If you feel like your heart is beating too fast, look down, and slow a little bit 
  • He believes we do not need apps for everything in life!
    • His own success has been app-less
      • You don't need apps for success!