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May 6, 2018

: Episode 1053 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie this Sunday School to discuss the launch of our new Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to fund the new film, Fat: A Documentary, that Vinnie, Peter Pardini, and Serena are making.


  • Indiegogo campaign
  • We want this documentary to reach millions
  • People are still getting the wrong message
  • Docs like The Magic Pill are helping, but Vinnie wants to make the best of 'em all!
  • Vinnie wants to bust all of the myths around fat
  • He will interview all of the experts in the field, including those with conflicting opinions from his own
    • Already has a lot of amazing experts on board
  • If you contribute to the campaign, you can receive different perks
    • From written transcript of interviews to home visits by Vinnie and Serena
  • If you can't contribute monetarily, please SHARE!!!
  • We need to raise a good amount of money to make sure this film gets all it needs to be the best!
  • Vinnie is not making money off of this campaign 
    • He has already spent a ton trying to get this to work
    • Doing this for everyone!