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Jul 13, 2018

 : Episode 1101 - Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede joins Vinnie Tortorich this Friday, and the two discuss biases, variables, epidemiological studies, the relationship between good nutrition and brain health, artificial sweeteners and more. 



  • Went to medical school in Vermont
  • Did her residency at Harvard for four years
  • Dr. Ede believes that for many, it is easier to believe that saturated fat is what causes fat
    • Not always financial bias
    • Ex: Loma Linda University study (promotes vegetarian diet) found that saturated fats hurt mice (they ignored that also in the higher fat diet was a MUCH greater amount of sugar)
    • Other studies that say meat is bad removed all processed foods at the same time
  • There are no pure studies that say animal foods are bad for your health
  • She believes removing the processed foods is where the money is at 
  • Now, Dr. Georgia does not eat plant foods or dairy
    • Fish and other meats
    • Pretty extreme diet
    • In ketosis constantly 
  • Insulin has to cross into the brain
    • Your brain can become insulin resistant
    • Then your cells will starve to death when your brain is filled with glucose that can't be broken down
    • Link between sugar consumption and Alzheimer
  • She agrees that these artificial sweeteners are so similar to sugar that your body can't really tell the difference 
    • They trick the body into thinking carbs are coming, thereby raising insulin levels 
  • Coffee, Dr. Ede believes, can be very helpful for those with head trauma, ADD, ADHD, etc. 
    • Stimulant is good!
    • Maybe this is why Vinnie does so well with coffee