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Jan 14, 2019

: Episode 1234 - The best voice in podcasting, Anna Vocino, joins Vinnie Tortorich this Monday, and the two talk some angry tweets, Cheryl Tiegs, stolen good intentions when it comes to crazy diet plans,  calorie BS, zone 2 training benefits, and more.



  • Vinnie knew he wanted to leave Louisiana
  • Most people don't get out of the swamps
  • He was really inspired by the Cheryl Tiegs SI Cover
    • Where was she?
    • Vinnie wanted to be there, on that beach
  • He worked hard to get to a place like that, and did it
  • Vinnie ended up meeting Cheryl Tiegs in a place in LA overlooking the ocean 


  • People who want to lose weight are often desperate
  • Anna has noticed one way intentions are stolen are through BS diet plans
  • "Doctors" come up with these crazy plans that are super complicated but absolutely don't work
    • Ex: NutriMost 
    • Supplements, lose toxins, fat burning state, cellular level, etc
    • All of these buzzwords are traps!!!
  • It's usually around this time of year that people fall into these traps
  • Don't do it
  • If you've recently started NSNG, stick with it
  • It can take 30-60 days for some people for everything to normalize and stabilize, depending on how metabolically damaged you are (and other factors play in, too)
  • Paradigms have to shift with NSNG
  • NSNG not a diet - nobody is stealing any good intentions


  • Anna found an article that disputes weight loss benefits of Zone 2 training as compared to high intensity training
  • Vinnie agrees with some parts of the article, as he believes exercise is a poor way to lose weight
  • CICO does not work - this is why Vinnie doesn't think HIIT works for weight loss well
  • Zone 2 exercise helps you build up aerobic capacity mostly
  • Can assist in weight loss