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Jul 9, 2016

: Episode 633- Listener and fellow blogger/podcaster Aarn Farmer joins Vinnie Tortorich today on this Saturday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast to discuss the journey and staying honest through it.



  • Pronounced "Aaron"
  • Started a blog and podcast to keep himself honest
  • He was 400lbs and at one point his blood pressure was 237/180
    • About to stroke out and die 
  • He found Vinnie!
  • Has lost 150lbs since finding Vinnie over the last 18mos
  • At first, disliked Vinnie's podcast but then fell in love with it
  • Runs a blog about how to save money at Walmart 
  • Still has weight to lose


  • Fat man's credo: "I don't eat before noontime"
    • If you have a liter of coke that morning, though, it is awful
  • To get better, it is important to stay honest with yourself
  • It is about the big picture
  • It is not most peoples' fault, their good intentions have been stolen
  • Aarn had to accept that he was in a bad way and would die if he didn't change his nutrition
    • He realized he didn't have to stop eating with NSNG