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Jun 5, 2017

: Episode 831 - Vinnie gets all riled up about the Shred Diet that claims to "blast out the sugar" while recommending things like drinking fruit juice and adding sugar in coffee.



  • This diet is just BS to get money 
  • Requires meal replacements
    • NEVER as good as eating REAL FOOD
  • Also encourages a degree of snacking which is bad for those with metabolic syndrome
  • Says to cut out sugar, but incorporates it into diet in many ways
  • 4-week program - money maker to make you come back and try again
  • "Blast the Sugar Out"
    • Absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical
  • The guy has a book but it's contradictory and ridiculous
  • Small meals, not filling, not good for you
  • Vinnie and Anna do not believe in dieting... they believe in a lifestyle change
    • The "shred diet" is NOT a lifestyle
      • Obsessive and unhealthy