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Nov 10, 2018

: Episode 1187 - Vinnie goes solo on this Saturday show. He talks about how both razor companies and weight loss companies are selling lies to well-intentioned consumers - ingrown hairs and weight-gain are cut from the same cloth. 



  • Gillette had a double blade razor
    • "Better than the best"
    • They were selling crap
    • Vinnie's dad bought into it 
  • Now, they're up to a bunch more blades
  • Vinnie found that the razors with more blades actually hurt his skin
  • These expensive razor companies are just selling lies 
    • People wanted to do what was best for their skin, so they overpaid for these overrated razors
  • Robert Haas wrote a book called "Eat To Win"
    • Carbing up was the big lie
    • It's still being propagated
    • "Don't eat fat, fear it"
    • These lies sold because people wanted to get healthy
      • Good intentions totally stolen
  • Getting fat is kind of like growing ingrown hairs 
    • Figure out what went wrong
    • It was the lies you were sold that caused it