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Apr 20, 2018

: Episode 1041 - Tech and finance expert Tucker Goodrich joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two chat Tucker's experience in tech and finance, his weird ailments and adoption of a LCHF diet, studies with seed oils, the bad effects of Omega 6's, and more!



  • Tucker spent 30+ on Wall Street
  • Last 20 years, chief tech officer for a NYC hedgefund
  • Largely self taught
    • Doesn't have a degree in this stuff!
  • Ran billions of dollars through systems he built himself
  • "We're all wingin' it" on Wall Street
  • A barefoot runner
  • Has looked into the unhealthiness of seed oils and other omega 6 fats
  • Check out his blog on Low Carb, Omega 6's, and more here


  • Tucker had a stroke-like thing years ago
    • Was 38 years old at the time 
    • He is now 50
    • Things started coming back
    • All the stroke tests came back negative
    • Nobody knew what happened!
    • Had a few attacks after that, as well
    • He had good genetics so he was confused
      • Ate to the food pyramid
      • Ditched sugar at 18 or 19 
  • At that point, he tried to change his lifestyle
    • Exercised a bunch, but didn't lose weight 
    • Committed himself to no carb
      • He had no appetite for it
      • After 5 or 6 days, after he had a sandwich with whole-wheat grains, he thought he was having a heart attack 
    • He lost 20 lbs from doing this for 2 months
      • 185 to 168 
      • He de-aged, too!
  • Why did he stop craving carbs when he stopped using seed oils?
    • There is a series of studies that fed mice varied amounts of seed oils
      • More seed oils, fatter mice got
      • Fats in seed oils convert to 2 AG which is like THC
        • Literally gives you the munchies 
  • He wanted to reconcile how some countries are high carb but still thin (Japan)
    • Seed oils were a big answer
    • Omega 6 fats are a concern