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Nov 21, 2018

: Episode 1195 - This Wednesday, we are sharing a 'Saturday' success story! Use this as motivation to power through the Thanksgiving holiday, or put some Life into Living and get back on the wagon right after. Listener Haley Rushton joins Vinnie, and the two talk Haley's weight loss journey, emotional eating, reactions to healthy eating, what's in her fridge, and more.



  • She is from Nova Scotia
    • Works for a car dealership in communications and marketing 
  • Surrounded by essentially nothing
  • Lonnie in the Facebook group recommended to Vinnie that she be on this podcast!
  • She found NSNG after failure with everything else (all the crap diets)
    • Did Keto for awhile before but ate all the fake sweeteners and didn't have much progress
      • Was still a sugar addict
    • Her dad introduced her to the Facebook group, and she began to see changes
  • Had to get over emotional eating
    • When she doesn't eat sugar or grains, she does not have the emotional food cravings as much
  • Haley has two kids - 1 and 4
  • She is losing weight in small amounts
  • Currently 5'7", 214 lbs
    • Was 275 a year ago after her second baby 
  • She'll go several weeks really strict, then fall of the wagon
    • There's a big psychological component to it
  • Huge carnivore


  • She does not want to live her life centered around food
    • Doesn't lecture others on how to eat or justify her way of eating 
  • She and Vinnie both don't explain to others because people, uninformed, try to fight back 
  • Don't engage with people if they won't listen - they're likely jealous, or too addicted to carbs
  • You don't need to justify your healthy eating to anyone else
    • If it works for you, do it!
  • Make your health your top priority - NOT making other people feel good about how you eat
  • Don't let others pressure you into eating crap in social situations