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Mar 21, 2018

: Episode 1020 - Mr. Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday to discuss Sylvie Guillem, more PVC misconceptions, and a new Vitamin D + K-complex, and they announce the Double French roast and an update to their sample pack.



  • People often ask why, if they take the multivitamin, they ought to take the B12 and Magnesium
    • We do think everyone should take the multicap BUT:
  • We don't think people necessarily NEED the B12 or Magnesium
    • However, if you are deficient in either of those, or have trouble sleeping or using the restroom or have heart issues, maybe try B12 or Magnesium
    • They have specific functions 
      • You may not need them!
      • They are higher doses of specific things
  • Recommended Daily Values don't necessarily mean if you take 100%, you get enough
    • We didn't pull our numbers out of nowhere
    • You will get/absorb as much as you need
  • Saturday the 24th we are releasing a new vitamin that uses Villa Cappelli Olive Oil
    • Vitamin D + K-Complex 
    • Check it out on FB live!


  • April 1st, we will have a Double French roast available
  • Also, our sample packs are changing
  • ALSO, we will have all of our roasts available as ground now