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Oct 20, 2018

: Episode 1172 - Loli and Saro join Vinnie this Saturday to talk Loli and Saro's amazing stories, overcoming eating disorders and unhealthy weight loss, and more.



  • Loli and Saro had dinner wiht Vinnie and Serena
    • They were incredibly generous and donated a big sum to the Fat Doc
    • It was Serena's birthday!
  • Saro has done a consult with Vinnie previously
  • Both have lost a ton of weight
  • Saro has lost 40 lbs off of 5'10"
  • Loli lost 173 lbs
    • Only 5'1"
    • She lost a whole person
  • She got married very young, had two kids
    • Got to 280 lbs on a starvation diet
    • She really previously bought into all the BS slogans
    • "Eat less move more"
    • "Low fat and healthy grains"
    • She went vegetarian, and it just made her mean and hungry
    • Had bulimia and anorexia 
    • Has gained and lost a lot of weight
      • Eating emotionally, eating crap
    • FINALLY, she found NSNG
      • It was sustainable and made her feel so much better
      • Got back into meat with NSNG
      • Tried bacon and couldn't do it
        • Tried chicken, and she still felt weird but stuck with it
        • Made her feel better, and she got too ambitious and tried a pork chop
        • Then went back to chicken - have to go slow when you come back from being a vegetarian!
  • Both Vinnie and Saro stayed in ketosis after their meal, even having maybe a bite of ice cream and carby veggies
  • Loli overcame heart palpitations, hair loss, skin problems, liver issues, eye pressure issues, and more with NSNG
    • Completely changed her health