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Jul 11, 2016

: Episode 634 - Vinnie and Anna discuss a multitude of topics including Olympic trivia, Dan Jansen, recipes and Walking Pizza Lunchables (Pizza Bags).



  • Both Anna and Vinnie shamelessly watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette
  • All the guys on this season are wusses in their opinion
  • All they do is complain
  • You can tell which guys are so good at manipulating the bachelorette
  • The tattle on each other and have no honor -- worries Vinnie for the future generation of young men


  • Focus of the cookbook is dinner -- sides, entrees, etc.
  • Not that many break fast recipes but those get to be enough once you lose the sweet tooth
  • Anna at 6:30 am had some coffee with cream and MCT Oil
  • She now, at 10:30 am, is having some chicken breast leftover and glazed portobello mushrooms, and some acorn squash for breakfast
    • She will have a snack around 3 or 4 and then wait until dinner at around 7


  • Cauliflower is now very "in"
    • The new kale
  • Cauliflower rice is a great substitute for stuff, and cauliflower mash instead of potatoes!
  • Most restaurants serve cauliflower appetizers these days
  • Anna's most popular recipes are those involving cauliflower


  • Saul Reegan is this weeks winner
    • He will get an NSNG t-shirt or hat!
  • He bought a Blendtec Classic
    • Quite like a Vitamix!
  • Click through the amazon banner on Vinnie's website and buy something on Amazon and e-mail in what you buy and you will be entered to win some NSNG $W@G! 


  • Woman with no legs, basically just hip sockets
  • She doesn't see herself as disabled 
  • She is not just a great athlete for someone without legs, she is a great athlete period. 
  • Watch an episode on TV about her!
  • Awesome volleyball player
  • Anything is possible!!!


  • Olympic events where you must proceed backwards
    • Backstroke
    • Rowing
    • Tug of War
      • It was an original strength olympic sport!
      • Both team and individual
  • Dan Jansen was one of the best sprint skaters of all time
    • See video below


  • Like a lunchable
  • Sugar filled sauce of course
  • A bag of crappy food for teenagers
  • Will give these kids migraines
  • Even Anna's cat won't eat a lunchable!