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Jun 8, 2018

: Episode 1076 - Actress and athlete Katy Sullivan joins Vinnie this Friday for the first time in a long time, and the two talk her disability and career as a Paralympic track runner, her NSNG lifestyle change, her current workout schedule, acting award nominations, and more!



  • Katy is amazing
  • She's been on the show back in the old days
    • Buy old shows for just a couple bucks a month to hear her on with Anna and Vinnie!
  • Katy is a bilateral above-the-knee amputee
    • Actually, it is congenital
  • A US Paralympic athlete, Katy is an amazing runner
    • Ran in a few track events and did incredibly well
    • Had a couple pounds to lose to improve her performance
      • She was already exercising so much (multiple times a day) -- instructed to eat incorrectly by a nutritionist
  • After London, she retired and was not exercising NEARLY as much as she was 
    • It was just a lifestyle change that truly helped her succeed
    • NSNG was the answer
      • The weight she needed to lose before came RIGHT off, despite the lack of exercise
    • Dropping carbs felt effortless, and so Katy reached out and found Vinnie
  • Now, Katy primarily swims for exercise
    • She pounded down her body when training for the paralympics
    • The impact was tough on her back, so swimming is low impact and great!
    • Also a big hand-cycler and into body weight resistance