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May 9, 2018

: Episode 1055 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two chat the Fat doc (and it's Indiegogo funding campaign found here - please donate!!!!), and they read some complaints, praises, and questions from PVC and PCC's mail bag.



  • Vinnie had the craziest weekend 
  • He has been promoting this documentary campaign
  • Running all over town constantly to get exposure for the campaign
  • We need to make it happen, please support
  • Nothing Vinnie and Andy do is passive
    • Passive income does not exist in this world!
  • We want to get this funded without any special interest group help, because we don't want to have to answer to anyone but ourselves
    • Answering only to ourselves is the best way to keep this honest and real!


  • We get a lot of questions
  • A lady was having trouble with the website
    • We walked her through the steps
    • She threatened to "tell Vinnie"
    • It is all a team around here
    • We will continue to help!
  • People praise our customer service, as well
    • We pride ourselves on great customer service
    • Work really hard to serve everyone 
  • Received some mail about how much the Vitamin D has helped someone's sleep
    • After just a couple of weeks, totally changed her sleep quality for the better
    • She figured she got enough Vitamin D from sun, but it seems she wasn't!