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Jul 19, 2019

: Episode 1366 - Dr. Nick Greiner joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk his approach to integrative care, lifestyle medicine at Greiner Health Solutions, spines and soft tissue, and more.




  • He's been following Vinnie on social media for some time
  • About 10 or 12 years ago he stumbled upon the low carb community and people like Vinnie
  • Chiropractic doctor
    • Different types of chiropractic practices
      • Nick looks at the structural stuff
        • Scoliosis, neurological, soft and hard tissue issues 
  • Also has a degree in exercise physiology like Vinnie
  • Nick has an integrative clinic
  • "Lifestyle medicine"
    • Try to address cause, not just symptoms
    • This includes diet as a huge part
    • All different types of patients
  • Sees lots of patients with autoimmune, diabetes, cancer, thyroid, etc.
  • Has 2 MDs on his team as well as various other doctors, dentists, etc.
  • This is basically a full on health clinic
  • If you are truly trying to improve your spine structure/health, you have to address soft tissue
    • It's so much about muscles, strengthening the right ones, etc.
  • He has always been a super active guy
    • Kids nowadays have biomechanics so negatively impacted by technology and phones
    • We don't even totally know the effects this will have in the future 
      • First generation who has been hunched over their phones for their whole lives 
  • In his 20s, he had horrible stomach issues, lost a lot of weight
    • Found a mentor who helped him and taught him this whole integrative medicine
    • Also helped set him on his current path for low carb
    • Not 100% carnivore anymore
      • Will have avocado or some dark chocolate every once in awhile