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Jul 6, 2016

: Episode 631 - Vinnie tackles Andy's question about intermittent fasting and Vinnie responds in more than 140 characters...



  • Vinnie isn't a fan of it for a long period of time, but he does know its place
  • IF becomes a phrase thrown around -- nearly becomes bro science 
  • Hard to give a complete answer in 140 characters (Twitter)
  • Good for someone who is metabolically stuck and still has a lot to lose
    • Read Obesity Code by Jason Fung
  • IF is not for everyone 
  • Even if you don't eat a few hours before you sleep and wait a couple hours before you eat breakfast, you are still Intermittent Fasting for about half a day 
  • For some people in dietary ketosis (which Vinnie also thinks is not for everyone) might skip a meal by accident because they are so fat adapted