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Dec 8, 2018

: Episode 1207 - The wonderful Katherine Spiers, food writer, joins Vinnie this Saturday to talk being a critic, customized food, unhealthy carbohydrates, and more on this episode. 



  • Katherine is a food writer
  • Has written for huge news companies
  • Check out her podcast here
  • Participated in the Guacamole Fest
  • She is not a food critic every time she eats anything
    • She can turn it on or off
  • Doesn't often make it out to the valley where Vinnie lives


  • Vinnie often customizes food to make it NSNG
  • In Katherine's experience, many customize their orders and are disappointed by the result
    • Then, they send it back and would much rather enjoy the original 
  • Vinnie lives in dietary ketosis
    • Rarely goes off of this way of eating, even when out to eat
  • Carbs DO NOT help you lose weight
    • They are what you eat to gain girth 
  • The food pyramid is wild 
  • Government nutritional guidelines are to get us to buy certain things