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Dec 2, 2018

: Episode 1203 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk hurt feelings, freakshakes which are the dangerously unhealthy new food fads, sugar in athletics, and more.



  • These are the new thing
  • Milkshakes stuffed with cookie, cake, other desserts
  • 39 teaspoons of sugar, 1300 calories
    • There are about 164 grams of sugar in this
      • This is about what you should have in a WEEK in terms of grams of sugar
    • This messes up your hormones
    • A lot like frappucinos you get in Starbucks
      • They have PURPLE fraps
        • This is worse than dessert and people have it at 9am
  • Just because you're drinking it, doesn't mean it isn't bad for you 
  • If you want to be a world-class athlete, you can't eat this horrible food!
    • Vinnie tried to teach this to athletes when he worked at a high school (high school the Madden's attended)