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Dec 10, 2018

: Episode 1209 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two chat about busy Amazon and Eat Happy, following the SAD, the Fat Doc, the fact that breakfast is an unimportant meal, accidental intermittent fasting, and more.



  • Unfortunately, this amazing cookbook is currently sold out 
  • Anna sends them to Amazon relatively often 
    • Sometimes the receiving center is too busy to receive more trucks
  • Back in September, Anna refilled it
  • Anna sent a request asking them to stock more books in preparation for the holidays
    • It was declined
  • She received a PO for 900 books
    • Sent them, then realized it was for the NEW book which is not out yet
  • There are 267 copies of Eat Happy in the warehouse marked incorrectly
  • She keeps calling, trying to get them to restock but they are just too dang busy!
  • Hopefully there will be more books stocked this upcoming Wednesday


  • That oatmeal is healthy is the biggest lie
  • People say it's heart healthy
  • It's not, AND it's gross unless you add sugar into it 
  • The Fat Doc will be discussing how this myth came into being
  • "The most important meal of the day" -- Breakfast -- this is a lie
    • QUAKER OATMEAL came up with this 
  • People throw sugar into yogurt and think it's healthy
    • You are just eating sugar, sadly
  • When people become fat adapted, they find they don't need breakfast at all
  • If you are eating breakfast, make it healthy and actually fueling
    • Bacon, eggs, avocado
  • When you have sugary breakfast, you're hungry two hours later
    • This is not how it should be 
  • Also, there is no such thing as breakfast food!
    • If you want to have food at breakfast time, you can eat ANY type of food - leftovers are great
  • Anna doesn't intermittent fast on purpose - sometimes, just happens
    • She will just have coffee (mostly without cream) and be good to go
  • She will have some eggs if she's going for a run or to a workout class