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Apr 28, 2019

: Episode 1308 - On this Sunday School episode, we bring back an old but super important one that we have recently received a lot of questions about. How can we tell which studies are legit, and which are largely unsupported studies? The two also discuss overweight athletes, and more.

: Episode 1138 - The amazing Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School, and the two talk badly supported studies, overweight athletes, and new perceptions. 



  • Lots of articles with crazy bold headlines
  • These tend to be BS
  • Lots of "meat heavy, low carb hurts your lifespan" articles
  • See who funded the study
  • Lots of these are paid for by companies like Barilla 
  • They are salacious


  • While some sports, overweight can be a positive thing, perception is changing
  • Now, people who are overweight in sports where athletes have traditionally NOT been overweight, it's becoming the new normal
  • Example - the overweight paddle boarder
  • While body shaming is not the goal, the change of perception is interesting
  • You can be unhealthy and still be considered in athlete's shape