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Sep 30, 2017

: Episode 907 - Vinnie speaks with the Low Carb High Fat Family, Adam & Anne Frost about how they discovered NSNG, had amazing success with it, and started a family-oriented podcast to help other families do the same thing.



  • Adam and Anne are Americans living in the Philippines
  • Adam had a consult with Vinnie awhile back
    • Benefitted a ton from it
    • He can hold his breath for five minutes
      • All about relaxing
  • Anne home schools her kids 
    • She was a schoolteacher prior to having kids
  • Have the LCHF Family podcast
    • One podcast a week
    • 20-30 minutes
    • Good podcasts for kids
    • CHECK OUT this show!
  • Adam has lost 50 lbs and Anne 40 lbs
    • Their older daughter lost 40 lbs at 12 years old!
      • Now healthy!
    • Adam's weight began to come off pretty quickly
      • He looks so much younger
      • Had he not found NSNG, he likely would be over 300 lbs at this point
    • At this point, Anne is not trying to lose more weight but is happily NSNG
      • Was counting macros when she still had significant weight to lose, but now is healthy so is not concerned with that
  • Found Vinnie through the Carolla effect
  • All about spreading the right info through podcasts like theirs and like Vinnie's!