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Aug 25, 2017

: Episode 883 - Author and nutritionist Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP joins Vinnie to talk about her new book The Alzheimer's Antidote which describes dietary ketosis as a treatment for Alzheimer's. She and Vinnie also discuss how sometimes people eat too much fat...



  • Amy is an amazing luminary
    • A very good writer
    • Get serious about your health!
  • Big proponent of: You can't make things other people's problems, do what you have to do
  • "Tuit" - Get To It
  • Amy was in the Air Force
    • Integrity is doing what you're supposed to, even when nobody is looking
  • Reviews books, writes blog posts, her website is SUPER informational
  • She shares a lot of info from other luminaries in the LCHF field as well
  • Amy offers 30, 60 and 90 minute phone calls so that you can pick her brain
    • Check out this great service!
  • Amy has noticed, that for many, you cannot eat UNLIMITED fat even if you are eating low carb
    • For example, you don't need to put butter on top of your steak
    • Same with coffee, you don't need bulletproof coffee or coffee with a ton of cream if you're already eating bacon and eggs 
  • Make small adjustments
  • Fasting can be beneficial but only in the right circumstance


  • This book, linked above, focuses on Alzheimer's
  • To some extent, this is likely a metabolic issue
  • "Type 3 Diabetes", "Diabetes of the Brain"
  • Energy crisis in the brain is the oversimplification
  • Amy presents a multi-pronged nutrition and lifestyle intervention that may help those with Alzheimer's to slow, improve, or even potentially reverse the disease
  • A ketogenic/LCHF diet can be a huge key to helping the brain get that energy that it so requires 
  • Get KETONE levels up!
    • Your brain can run on ketones (check out our recent Ketone podcast)
  • If we started to measure insulin (even if blood glucose is normal), we could likely detect Alzheimer's much farther in advance 
  • No matter how far gone you are, there WILL be some improvement if you stop doing things that are bad for you