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Jun 29, 2019

: Episode 1352 - Listener Chris Cornell joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two discuss his health journey, cutting his soda habit, sustaining weight loss with NSNG®, his recent battle and victory with cancer, BMI BS, and more.




  • Has been following Vinnie on Twitter for a long time
  • 55 years old, 6'4"
  • 278 lbs at his heaviest
  • Put on weight after college and could not figure out how to sustain weight loss
    • He'd lose weight and gain it back
  • Around Thanksgiving a couple years ago he realized he had to do something
  • First had to kick his sugar beverage (soda) habit
    • Quickly got him down around 15 or 20 lbs
  • NSNG® has been the answer for him in terms of continuing weight loss and keeping the weight off 
    • When he cut calories instead to lose weight, he felt cold and sick
    • Also tried veganism which did not work
    • Finally found Gary Taubes, and it stuck
    • He has felt great with NSNG®
  • He is now down to 184
    • Possibly partly because of a cancer treatment he recently underwent, though prior to that he was 195
      • He now has no sign of cancer!
        • Still has to go back for 5 years to make sure
  • Anecdotally, he is convinced that his diet helped him survive his treatment
    • It put him in a great position health wise prior to starting treatment in terms of weight, etc.
    • His doctors back this up
    • Vinnie feels his diet has helped make sure his leukemia doesn't come back, too