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Apr 29, 2014

Dave Austin

The amazing Dave Austin.


The smartie pants Ryan Suffern.

Vinnie and Anna talk to documentary filmmaker Ryan Suffern about his film Running Blind and its subject, the extremely inspirational EJ Scott and his lovely life partner Deborah Ann Woll.

Then they talk to the incomparable Dave Austin about mindset,...

Apr 24, 2014

Estelle Hayes

Anna talks all things natural beauty with Pink Moon Daily's Estelle Hayes, including how to start the transition to healthier beauty products (hint: start with Fragrance Free), how NSNG represents freedom, why anti-bacterial sanitizers are no bueno, and how some actresses are embracing natural beauty on the red...

Apr 22, 2014

Quentin Vennie


Vinnie and Anna welcome the wonderful, honest, smartie pants, and damn good-lookin' Quentin Vennie in the studio to talk personal trainers, anxiety, precription drugs, and Moon Unit Zappa.

Photo credits by D. Taylor Images.

Check out these fantastic articles written by Quentin Vennie at HuffPo and Mind Body...

Apr 17, 2014

Join us in a video adventure unlike none other...delving into the depths of idiocy, Vinnie and Anna discuss a whole lot of nothing (except wind sprints and weight loss, and Anna doesn't like what she hears).

Apr 15, 2014

Vinnie and Anna welcome back Dr. Timothy Noakes to the show to talk high fat, the history of the demonization of saturated fat, cholesterol brainwashing, and low carb athletes.

Buy Lore of Running, 4th Edition.

Check out Dr. Noakes' HELP site.

Check out The Real Meal Revolution!

Tim Noakes_2012

Also check out Damian Kevitt's...