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Aug 24, 2015

Vinnie Tortorich and co-host Anna Vocino talk a little bit of everything on this week's random Monday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast.



  • Vinnie will not sell out
  • Everything Vinnie advertises for he believes in
  • People who will give big cuts for products Anna and Vinnie don't support make offers -- Anna and Vinnie will never accept 
  • For example, Vinnie & Anna (unlike Dr. Oz) would never advertise "Heart Healthy Grains"


  • We will have a show on pooping soon with Dr. X
  • Some people with bad constipation go once or twice every couple weeks
  • This can be bad for one's health
    • Diverticulitis -- inflammation of diverticulosis 
  • Dr. X knew a patient who's poop was so backed up it was coming out of the other end 


  • Subaru is a "lesbian car"
  • Serena has one and Dr. X just got one
  • So much cheaper, more comfortable, more efficient 
  • Luxury cars are ripoffs, even if they look sleek 


  • Check out her website!
  • Very enthusiastic and very happy 
  • Vinnie thinks those tech tees and tights smell really bad 
  • Microfibers
  • Vinnie suggests using animal product pee stain remover (Nature's Miracle) to neutralize odors
  • She is part of the "The Order of the Vinnie"
    • each's audience respects the other