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Jul 26, 2019

: Episode 1371 - Sports medicine doctor Dr. Peter Brukner joins Vinnie on this special Friday show, and the two discuss his work with athletes, fat myths and fat politics, nutrition and sports, carb use for elite athletes, and more. 




  • Dr. Brukner hails from Australia
  • Has an absolutely fantastic book which can be found here
  • He is, among other things, a sports medicine doctor
    • Non-surgical
    • He's worked with various national sports teams 
  • Now, his real passion is trying to get people to eat healthily
  • Like Vinnie, he believes what we have been taught about nutrition for the past 40 years is largely false
    • Also incredibly important to teach athletes optimal nutrition practices
      • All of this over processed sugar is not a good thing
  • Discovered the low carb science and way of eating years ago
    • Had Type 2 Diabetes in his family
    • Was around 30 lbs overweight 
    • Fatty liver issues at this point
    • Around this time, Tim Noakes started talking about how we had things wrong, and Dr. Brukner listened
  • Dr. Brukner believes reducing carbs and processed food is the best diet for one's health
    • For nearly all athletes, you do not need carbs for fuel, in his opinion
      • You don't need gels and gatorades if you're fat adapted
    • For the top, top elite athletes, some can benefit from a small amount of carbs
      • However, there are some who are totally keto and do great
  • Agrees we need to change the ideology around fat and meat