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Nov 25, 2017

: Episode 943 - Listener Paul Perez joins Vinnie this Saturday to discuss his journey that allowed him to lose weight, make a movie about it, and the fact that women pay a lot more attention to him than ever before. In making the movie about his weight loss journey, Paul gained tons of weight and then lost it quite quickly. Do not try this at home.



  • Paul Perez is a cameraman by trade
    • For 20+ years
    • Steadicam
      • Lots of walking backwards, etc., dangerous job
      • Makes the most beautiful shots in movies
  • Had been skinny for most of his life, until he ended up at 230 lbs
    • 6' tall
    • In college, he asked a woman out, she said she had to study, then he saw her at a party
      • Made him realize he had to do something about his weight
  • Paul made a movie about his weight loss


  • When Mr. Perez was essentially stood up, he realized he had to change something
    • Looked in the mirror and decided he had to lose weight
  • Lost about 60 lbs before NSNG (1994)
    • Swam a lot, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, less pizza and junk food
    • He still ate a lot of black beans and rice because of his Cuban heritage
      • Got away with it because overall it was healthier, he was young, and exercising
    • The chick didn't even recognize him
      • She wanted to see him, he blew her off
      • HE became the hot chick
  • His film documents his weight loss from the realization to the aftermath
    • Paul starred in his own movie
    • Did something amazing and unusual (and highly NOT recommended)
      • VERY UNHEALTHY - Vinnie does not condone it
    • He gained a ton of weight, got back up to 250 lbs for the fat scenes
      • Fatter than ever
      • Shot these scenes for 3 days
      • To gain the weight:
        • A dozen glazed donuts on the way to work, then Snickers & coffee at work, on the way home lots of McDonalds
          • Threw in some other fast food places, added tons of Oreos (double stuffed mint) and half gallons of ice cream
        • He felt like CRAP while he did this
          • Sweat, sleep apnea, etc.
          • Wanted to crash midday
      • He dreaded each day when he had to eat this way after awhile
    • Then quickly got back down to 165 lbs
      • Forced himself to stop eating it
        • Wasn't too hard because he was so dedicated
        • Loved eating salads, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, etc
        • He had eaten SO MUCH crap that the withdrawals weren't bad
        • Swam every morning
      • Real food made him feel so much better and he craved the REAL food
      • He could do this because he is a super motivated guy
    • Got fat FIRST so he would have motivation to lose the weight


Paul Perez's Movie Trailer