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Feb 27, 2016

Calie Durant joins Vinnie Tortorich to discuss staying with NSNG, and how one's weight can change over the years on the Saturday listener edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast.



  • She is nearly 40, 5'6", around 140 lbs
    • This is the heaviest she has been in her life
    • Until 5 or 6 years ago, she could eat whatever she wanted without worrying 
  • Used to eat bagels, sandwiches, pasta, white flour, chocolate
  • Now that she is on NSNG, she has eggs and spinach for breakfast, salad for lunch, dinner is some type of veg & protein
  • She thinks it is hard to stick to this diet so strictly
    • Life happens and it makes it hard!
    • Vinnie doesn't want this to be super extreme
      • That being said, allowing "cheat days" is not the way to go
        • You can put LIL occasionally, but not have a whole day of doing whatever you want
  • Try to have 21 or so stricter days, to get your body on this lifestyle so that when you do put LIL, your body can handle it better
    • The first 3 weeks are hard and you have to want it 
    • It really does get easier, though 
    • Cut out her normal wine or beer for a spirit instead for 21 days -- that will make a difference
  • Her cravings for chocolate started to disappear!
  • You can't keep going back and forth on NSNG -- must impede the progress in the negative direction 
    • You can't get "a little bit pregnant", same type of deal!