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Jul 29, 2016

: Episode 640 - Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan joins Vinnie for a fascinating discussion of gut health and the human microbiome.



  • Was just on the Monday show with Vinnie and Anna discussing leaky gut
  • Esteemed microbiologist
  • Check out his website at
  • Great success in dietary supplement and nutrition markets
  • Went to school at U of Iowa where he studied microbiology and biochemistry
    • Did Post-Grad in Iowa as well studying microbiology with focus on clinical microbio
      • Focuses on human diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.
      • Pathogenesis of disease
      • Probiotics
  • After university he started his own research organization
    • Wanted to offer companies an affordable way of doing high-clinical trial 
    • Did that for a decade, still does that as well as other work 
  • He is Indian, moved to America right before highschool; his name is pronounced KEER-in


  • Addiction works like everything else
  • Vinnie found he even got addicted to face cream
    • After a while, his face stopped producing oil because it relied on the cream so much
  • He stopped the face cream and his skin started oiling itself and his lips were more supple without the lip goop 
  • Our habits and addictions are recent
    • We have been evolving for millions of years
    • The addictions and weird habits we have have developed over the past 100 years
  • Our bodies still exist how they did forever ago, but by doing modern day habitual things that we do, we are putting stress on our bodies
    • Ex: bathing!


  • Deodorant is a new thing
  • You are putting aluminum under your arms -- found to be harmful to the human body
  • Regardless of how much deodorant you use, if you sweat you will still probably smell at the end of the day
  • Crystal is definitely better than standard aluminum-based deodorant
  • The type of aluminum used in crystals is not as harmful to your circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • Dr. Krishnan uses Schmidt's
    • It is essential oils and sage and such
    • He has some in a pot and only has to apply every few days because it works so well
    • Anti-oxidative properties in this are good
    • Essential oils keep bacterial load down without killing off the bacteria 


  • Sweating is great for your body
  • Sitting in an infrared sauna is good to dilate vessels, drain out toxins, get the liquids in your body moving
    • It is a type of cleanse!
  • Sweating is good to control good bacteria!


  • Over half of antibiotics prescribed are unnecessary 
    • They are either not needed or won't work on that type of bacteria
  • One cycle of certain antibiotics can cause your gut to be harmed for a year
  • One dose of augmentin wipes down your gut bacteria levels by almost 90%
    • Takes a week and a half or two to get back just from that one dose
      • However, the portions of bacteria that comes back are different
        • More robust species that are anti-biotic resistant have an easier time coming back when this happens 
  • Use of antibiotics when young also contributes to asthma and allergies 
  • The use of antibiotics under 4 has a profound effect in creating auto immune disorders