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Jan 30, 2016

Listener Meaghan KNS joins Vinnie Tortorich today on the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast, where the two discuss being gluten free, running, race, podcasts and the bad qualities of quinoa*.

*fuck quinoa



  • She has a confusing last name!
  • Her husband is from Morocco, they have beautiful children
  • She went to James Madison in Virginia 
  • Meaghan knew Vinnie had to be on the Dr. Drew show
  • She is very involved in podcasts and running


  • Meaghan went to Runner's World Festival (4 races in three days (1/2 marathon))
    • Generally, people want to "carb up" before races
    • At this conference she went to they had a gluten free pasta option
  • Often, Gluten-Free marked foods are quite processed 
    • eat REAL food, not foods that have to be marked gluten free if you can 
  • It is frustrating when everyone asks if she eats "Quinoa" because she is gluten free
    • She said "Fuck Quinoa"
    • Even Quinoa can make you inflamed


  • There is resistance to black women wanting to run/do triathlons simply because their hair can be hard to deal with and requires a lot of work
    • Meaghan thinks it is healthy and good to discuss race and gender and it makes the world interesting that people are different  
  • Vinnie loves people of all races, genders, religions even if he rants or makes comments :)