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Aug 27, 2018

: Episode 1134 - Anna joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk complexities of gender, the upcoming Nina Teicholz show, the fact that money lies, controlling hormones, Dr. Drew's NSNG arms, and more!



  • People like Walter Willett who make their money from making people unhealthy will try to deny what we are putting out
    • Just because he researches at Harvard doesn't mean he is right
  • He has money and he will try to "prove" Vinnie is wrong
  • However, we will use our strength and numbers to make sure this film is a success and it reaches many people
  • The campaign to make fat look bad was the result of folks spending a lot of money to make sure they make more money
  • The money Vinnie makes, on the other hand, just goes to keeping this show running
  • Vinnie DOES NOT make money from this show 


  • Anna has had issues with her hormones
  • She has had lots of problem with her thyroid
  • Had to go on a low dose birth control
  • NSNG has made controlling her hormones much easier
  • However, hormone imbalances can also prevent weight loss 
    • If you are plateauing a lot 


  • Drew is finally NSNG
  • He eats Pili Nuts and all of it
  • His arms are massive, too
  • Check out the main podcast picture