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May 25, 2018

: Episode 1066 - The fantastic Ivor Cummins joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk Ivor's part in the upcoming Fat Documentary, Ivor's recent appearance on a primetime orthodox medicine TV program in which he defended LCHF successfully, confused doctors, cholesterol, and more!



  • Ivor has agreed to be part of Vinnie's upcoming Fat Doc
  • Vinnie, and Ivor, are lightning rods
  • Vinnie's received funding offers from the meat, egg, etc, industry
    • However, we know that people on the other side are already going to fight this, so we won't give them ammo to claim that this doc is "biased" due to its funding
  • Therefore, we need to raise money!
  • We'll invite the Michael Gregers of the world on here, and have an open forum
  • "By the people, for the people" film


  • Recently, Ivor was on the primetime Irish channel in which he debated for Low Carb/Keto lifestyle
  • He was essentially attacked, but fought back and really made them squirm because he was so good and right
  • The people who run the program attack anyone who isn't on their side
  • Ivor knew he'd be attacked, ran with it, and really seemed to come out the victor
    • By the end of the video, and after the video, the host began to realize he was making some sense and her tone totally changed
  • Check out the embedded video below, or at this link
  • Doctors today are often incredibly confused 
    • They're taught certain things, and it is hard for many to go against what is ingrained in their lives and education
  • Watch Ivor's amazing video, the Cholesterol Conundrum, which explains our perception vs. the truth about cholesterol here
  • He and Dr. Gerber have a new book out!