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Sep 23, 2016

: Episode 676 -- Dr. Ted Naiman, Low Carb High Fat expert, joins Vinnie to talk about how to burn fat not sugar with a LCHF diet.



  • Family medicine physician
    • Was first a mechanical engineer
  • Helps Vinnie answer Twitter questions -- people ask him the same question
  • Helps a lot of patients with metabolic issues
  • Agrees with Vinnie that only about 20% of people can get away with eating much of what they want without getting fat
  • Check out his website here


  • Believes in a low carb high fat diet much like Vinnie
    • Nutrient dense!
  • About 15 minutes of exercise (body weight resistance) 2 days a week
  • He has seen incredible results both in changing one's body and changing one's health with this diet
  • LCHF can help diabetics, anemic people, etc.
  • Eating this way burns fat instead of sugar
  • Agrees that veganism is kind of like cannibilism -- you are eating stored body fat to make up for what you are not consuming
    • Ends up being a high fat, high protein, highly carniverous diet
      • This is why people lose so much weightscreen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-18-00-am