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Feb 22, 2016

Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino host this Monday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast.



  • Anna watched, half time show was disappointing, so was 3rd quarter, so she went to the gym instead of watching the 4th quarter
  • Vinnie watched at a neighbor's for the first quarter
    • Neighbors' kids ride motorbikes and play football, reminds Vinnie 
  • Then Vinnie went to Hancock park to his friend who is in bad shape's house
    • Watched the rest of the game in his in-home theater 
      • Like being at the game!
    • Some of these in-home theaters have movie snacks and everything
    • Hard to watch the game when his friend is sick 


  • Winner this week is Rebecca Palson 
    • USB Desktop Charger with Intelligent Technology
    • Nylon Waterproof portable accessories organizer cosmetics purse
  • Rebecca is a TRUE super fan, has phone-called 
    • Has lost well over 100 lbs
    • Came to LA
    • Go Rebecca!
    • Schoolteacher 
    • Friends with the Lorey's!
    • Saturday podcast with her will be coming up in the future 


  • Do not do EVERY exercise in one day 
  • How to choose how to build your chest:
    • If you're not trying to become a bodybuilder, at the very most pick 3 exercises per workout that focus on Chest
    • Ex: bench press, incline, decline, dips, dumbbell press, flat fly, incline fly, decline fly, pushups
  • Hit it and quit it -- your body can only handle so much
  • Start with major exercise, then do two minor exercises 
  • Also, make sure you are warmed up with a light weight exercise first (this does not count as 1 of your 3 exercises)
  • How much weight (8-9 sets of press)
    • Reps: 12-15 is good, you want to be hurting at rep 12 (weight wise) and wondering if you can get to 15
    • If you are doing 8 reps, you want to be 'struggling' at rep 6
  • Free weights make sure someone is spotting you 
  • Don't overwork triceps either (tricep extensions) 
  • More is not necessarily better


  • If you aren't going to quit grain, your liver doesn't know that you quit sugar 
  • It might help quitting just sugar, but not ever really effective until you quit both 


  • You can enjoy sugar or grain every once in awhile, just dont go crazy and don't make it a habit, then it is a slippery slope 
  • Vinnie has done 2 years of NLIL and hasn't found ways around it
    • He never told himself lies and ate agave or fake sugars or anything like that
    • If you want to do NLIL, don't lie to yourself -- your liver won't believe you!