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Nov 18, 2014

It’s Tuesday and that means we have Anna and Vinnie trying to play nice. Today’s guest is Daniel T, who is a registered dietician from Canada and works in a hospital setting.  He has seen the physical and psychological benefits of Paleo and NSNG life styles.  Daniel T contacted Vinnie because he is frustrated and angry...and Vinnie loves angry people.  Check out Daniel's podcast.

What Daniel is Angry About

  • He has researched and seen the benefits of eating Paleo/NSNG 
  • It has been 11 years since he earned a Masters in Nutrition...They are still teaching calories-in/calories out and fats are bad
  • Daniel is frustrated because he has to fight hospitals and gets no support

What Does He See at the Hospital

  • They have morbidly obese people reduce their fat intake and count calories
  • When Daniel started slowly introducing a more Paleo-like diet, he began to see changes
  • His patients saw great results and the hospital didn’t want to hear about it

Doctors Go With Government Programs

  • That is what is being financially supported
  • Don’t stop and ask “How is what we are doing helping patients, especially long-term patients?”
  • Hospitals choose not to face the facts
  • This applies to mental health as well

Standards in Nutrition are all the Same

  • All government funded
  • Institutions don’t want to lose funding so are scared to change
  • It took Daniel almost 4 years to get salmon on the menu