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Aug 21, 2014

Chris Kostman is an ultra-athlete who holds the record, at age 20 in 1987, of being the youngest person to complete the eleven-day Race Across America. Chris is still running races and now produces events such as the Furnace Creek 508 (there is still time to sign up for this race) and the Badwater 135 through his company, AdventureCORPS. Vinnie and Chris discuss ultra sports, nutrition and following NSNG as a vegetarian.

Here are some of the highlights...

How Chris Started Cycling

  • Chris was on his third grade soccer team that never won a game
  • The coaches were constantly berating the players
  • His dad pulled him from the team and Chris never played a sport with a ball again
  • Years later he discovered cycling and developed as a cyclist and as a human being through positive reinforcement

This year's Badwater 135

  • This year's race included a 22 mile climb
  • Vinnie went to support Tony Portera who has been NSNG for 8 months and lost 45 pounds.
  • When Chris saw Tony at this year's Badwater, he didn't recognize him
  • Tony looked radically different; his body was reshaped

How to do NSNG as a Vegetarian

  • Chris has been a vegetarian for 25 years
  • He now eats cheese, fish and eggs
  • Feels a huge difference on NSNG
  • He has more energy and not hungry all the time

This year's Furnace Creek 508 Bicycle Ride

  • Still time to sign up for this race
  • Different route this year because of a moratorium on sporting events in Death Valley National Park
  • The race starts in Reno, goes through the northern back country of Nevada, and finishes up in Reno
  • Elevation is challenging: you are never below 3,500 feet and often over 7,000 feet

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