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Jul 31, 2014

Temperatures can get up to 120 degrees during the 135 mile Badwater Race and Tony Portera has run it seven times, finishing five. He joins the podcast with fellow runners Brian, Jason and Andrea, who is running this year’s Badwater as well.  They discuss the race, crewing, NSNG and how God fits into all of this, all while having a great time with lots of laughs.

Here are some of the highlights...

Badwater is grueling

  • 135 mile race
  • 18,000 foot climb
  • The run uphill is 22 miles
  • The first 44 miles will make you or break you

Running, NSNG and God

  • Brian lost 25 lbs with NSNG
  • Describe running as a religious experience
  • As close to God as you can get without dying
  • You never finish the race as the same person you started -- you always learn something new about yourself

Tony's NSNG Experience

  • Tony was up to 208 lbs at 5’9”
  • Got down to 180 lbs by exercising but got stuck
  • Prime example of how exercise is a poor way to loose weight
  • On NSNG, Tony had more energy, slept better, trained better, ran better and the weight started coming off
  • Tony ran Badwater 2014 at 148 lbs