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Apr 29, 2016

Episode 592 : Andrew Scarborough, patient advocate and health and fitness expert, joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Friday episode to discuss his story and how he is managing sickness with a ketogenic diet, in a very interesting way!



  • Background as a fitness trainer and has a master's degree in Nutrition
    • In university, he was told to not think about calories, but rather think of a low carb diet 
      • Rare for universities! 
  • Was diagnosed 3 years ago with anaplastic astrocytoma and suffered a brain hemorrhage
    • Malignant tumor, has brain cancer induced epilepsy  
  • Started lowering his carb intake, started feeling better


  • Doctors tell you to lower cholesterol by not eating fats
  • We NEED cholesterol to function
  • We don't need statins for the most part
  • Our body will make cholesterol if we do not eat enough 
  • Magnesium acts as a natural statin


  • Andrew replaced his seizure medicine with magnesium supplements 
    • He was told to increase medication but instead went off of it
  • Doctors thought that because he had brain tumor related epilepsy, a ketogenic diet wouldn't help
    • They were wrong
    • Adults have metabolic flexibility too 
  • Has done 9 day fasts with just water and various salts
  • His metabolic approach is hopefully changing the markers in his scans 
  • Ultimately, he is on a low carb high fat diet that allows him to feel better, and hopefully make his cancer more manageable and ultimately help cure it 
  • Ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory 


  • Andrew eats edible insects because they are very nutrient dense
    • Consumes various larvae 
    • Breeds bugs to manipulate feed and environment to manipulate the nutrients within 
  • Cut out all plants and many things on a ketogenic diet
    • Bugs were the best option!
  • He also consumes organ meats because of their nutrient-density and lack of carbs 
    • Eats brains and sweet-breads, etc.