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Nov 24, 2017

: Episode 942 - Vinnie speaks with Lizzie & John Brenkus (Brink of Midnight Podcast) who are his neighbors and his fans about sport entertainment, whether or not sports anchors are hot, and divine encounters that change people's lives.



  • Former neighbors of Vinnie
  • John is the guy who has everything thrown at him by ESPN
    • Sports Science guy
      • Started out from scratch
    • UVA alum!
      • Made up his own major at UVA
        • Studied film, and did an independent study with a filmmaker
  • John and Vinnie have a lot in common
    • Same kind of nerd
  • They have a podcast you should definitely check out
    • See link above!
    • Guests talk about the moment that changed their lives for the better, and where it took them!
    • Luminaries from all different fields
  • The two of them also have a great band, by the same name as the podcast
    • Indie / singer-songwriter music
  • John & Lizzie also like to look at controversies
    • Neil Armstrong for example
      • Is the footage real? (He does definitively believe that we went to the moon, just curious about the released footage)
    • Not conspiracy theorists, for the record
  • John set his mind to complete an Iron Man
    • Had to have his first swim lesson, get a bike, and get back in running shape