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Oct 26, 2018

: Episode 1176 - Reserve Lt. Colonel, Dr. Mark Cucuzella, M.D., joins Vinnie this Friday and the two talk natural, healthy running, Dr. Cucuzella's true passion, reversing diabetes with a low carb diet, and more.



  • He is a doctor and a runner
    • Doesn't run with shoes sometimes
    • In Boston, he does run with shoes
    • In WV, he often doesn't wear shoes
  • Educated at UVA (like Tallulah), now works in West Virginia
  • Now a professor at WVU
  • He is also an Air Force Reserve Lt. Colonel


  • A lot of the people in the South, including West Virginia, are obese with diabetes
  • His true passion is trying to reverse diabetes
    • Developed pre-diabetes while running marathons - was eating low fat, etc.
      • Realized there was something he wasn't taught in med school
        • Learned about different particles, different numbers
        • Found LCHF and got much better
      • Ate like crap before learning about the issues of carbs and the benefits with fat
  • When he anecdotally asked on military bases who lost lots of weight and kept it off, it was people who ate low carb who found success
  • Struggled with the ADA who still wanted people to eat LOTS of carbs
    • Against ADA guidelines to prescribe low carb
      • Easier for independent doctors, like Dr. Mark
      • They're backing out of the room slowly, but not fast enough because people are still dying from their guidelines