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Apr 27, 2019

: Episode 1307 - Vinnie Tortorich talks with listener Dave Rossbach about failed gastric bypass, natural weight loss, critics, great friends, and more on this Saturday episode of the podcast.



  • From Altoona, PA
    • Old railroad town
  • First nephew was born
  • This snapped Dave into wanting to lose weight
  • Started with a gastric bypass
    • Was 34 at the time, 5'8", 450 lbs
      • Type 2 diabetic at the time
  • Realized he needed to lose weight to stay alive
  • Lost weight after the gastric bypass (230 lbs), but then gained it back 
    • Took about 2-3 years for all the weight to come back
  • Found NSNG and went cold turkey
    • Found it through a friend
    • The pounds started falling off
    • Lost 90 lbs in about 6 months
  • Starts off the day with coffee and HWC
  • Eats lunch sometimes - scrambled eggs, avocado
  • Dinner will be ribeye or chicken thighs with maybe a veg
  • His dad was worried he'd give himself a heart attack with all this fat
    • But Dave had gotten sick because of what doctors had told him to do
    • Realized he needed to go against the conventional wisdom to get healthy