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Nov 25, 2016

: Episode 711 - Vinnie speaks with special guests writer & director Jim Abrahams (Airplane, Naked Gun, etc) and author Susan Masino talk about fighting seizures with a ketogenic diet.



  • Susan is a luminary
    • Was on the podcast a few weeks ago
    • She is a professor of Applied Science at Trinity College
    • Has been conducting research there for two decades
      • Has been doing research, in general, for even longer!
    • Focus is adenosine and its effects on homeostasis and metabolism
      • Regulator of cell function
    • Her real passion is brain health
      • She is now connected to the ketogenic community and the brain health community
  • Jim Abrahams is a famous director and screen-writer
    • Movies such as Airplane!, Hot Shots!, and many more! 
      • 1971, he and the Zucker brothers moved to LA to try to get on Johnny Carson
        • From Milwaukee
        • The three ended up being huge in the industry!
    • Started The Charlie Foundation


  • Jim Abrahams' son, Charlie, suffered from seizures
    • Charlie adopted a ketogenic diet, and is seizure free!
    • The Charlie Foundation was set up to help fight epilepsy via a ketogenic diet 
  • Check out the Foundation's website here 
  • Susan Masino does believe that a ketogenic diet is incredibly beneficial
  • Her goal is to figure out how this diet can help not only epilepsy, but other diseases
    • For example, autism spectrum disorder
  • Used as a treatment for epilepsy for 100 years now
  • Her hypothesis: Ketone-based metabolism increases adenosine which increases brain health and homeostasis
    • In turn, this helps neurological disorders such as epilepsy
  • Healthy metabolism (sufficient amount of ATP) is so vital
    • Ketogenic diet increases ATP produced
  • Your brain can use KETONES instead of sugar for its overall metabolic demand
    • Plus, you have plenty enough sugar in NSNG diet