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Jan 19, 2018

: Episode 978 - Journalist and author Marika Sboros ( joins Vinnie for a third time to talk about more conspiratorial evidence that had surfaced since the publication of her new book with Dr. Tim Noakes Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs, which details the world-famous trial in South Africa designed to discredit him.



  • Has been on this show twice before
  • Now also has a book with the famous Dr. Noakes
    • Check it out at the link above
  • It suits Noakes' critics to try and discredit him
    • He knows tons about nutrition
    • Famous author, great doctor
  • Strong believer that eating right (low carb high fat) can fix or alleviate many health issues
  • "Let Food be Your Medicine"
  • Has many LCHF resources on her site
  • Believes in the strength of eating right
  • Since the publish of the new book, the critics have gotten angrier
    • It does not serve their interests for the truth about nutrition to come out


  • Dr. Noakes is a doctor in South Africa
  • He was facing trial because he prescribed LCHF diet for a breastfeeding mother on Twitter
    • Sugar and grain industry use their influence to strike again
  • He has been found NOT GUILTY of professional misconduct, thank goodness
    • However, the fact that he even faced trial for years
  • Noakes was just trying to show that the popular held believe (low fat, lots of carbs) is BS
  • Prosecution and persecution for his views on nutrition
  • He tore out pages from his book which recommended high carb diets and carboloading for athletes
    • The Lore of Running
    • The best and smartest people are those who own up to their mistakes, and tell the truth when they learn of it




Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs