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Dec 27, 2017

: Episode 963 - Today's show is one from our 10 for 10 package, with Dr. David Diamond, PhD. If you like what you hear and want the other 9 shows with some of the best luminaries out there, please buy them here. On this show, Vinnie and Dr. Diamond discuss bout the fallacy and bad science of Ancel Keys, the China Study and many other anti-fat studies.



  • David used to be incredibly unhealthy
  • He was urged to use statins and niacin
  • In 2006, told he MUST go on Lipitor 
    • Dr. Diamond open minded at first, but wanted to look into it
  • Realized fat was OK, and changed his lifestyle!
    • He started with peer-reviewed medical journals
  • He was never scared of fat because he is so educated on it
  • Studied biology, has a PhD!
  • Another LDL skeptic
    • Recent work looks into the false info we get on cholesterol
  • See his twitter here


  • First of all, exercise is a poor way to lose weight!
  • For example, more gyms than ever, but more obesity than ever
    • Gyms have awesome equipment but so many are still so unhealthy!
  • That being said, exercise good for you in many other ways, and can complement a good diet
    • If you like it, that's awesome, keep it up
    • Know you can exercise without a gym membership, too


  • The bread is worse than the butter or cheese for the triglycerides
  • Anti-fat studies paid for by sugar, grain industries
    • Of course they paint fat as the bad guy
  • Ancel Keys conducted a study that only took into account countries that proved his hypothesis true
    • He, himself, ate a ton of fat
      • Could find him in a restaurant eating a juicy state
    • Chose countries that he figured would work in his favor
    • It is carbs, not fat
  • The worst thing that happened to fat, is that someone named it fat
    • People like Dr. Diamond attempt to change this